Friday, July 3, 2015

Time to make the Donuts

My niece (and nephew) came for a visit and I took the opportunity to take some measurement and custom make her some leggings.  I have had fun shopping with her for clothes and I've had fun making her clothes, but  this time was really special as we went fabric shopping together!!! Nothing better than that.

I used this tutorial, which I had already made for myself.   It is simple to follow and almost hard to believe that you're actually drafting a pattern yourself.

How fun are these:

The next pair has been requested.  Hamburgers next.


  1. I Love these!!!!!! Maybe with skeins???? :)

    1. I've been looking at prints on Spoonflower. Some good ones there. Maybe for Rhinebeck..

  2. Can't wait to see the hamburgers. Also hi from one New York City sewist to another.

  3. Well I have to get to Spandex House first. Maybe we'll run into each other in the Garment Center.