Friday, November 11, 2016

About once every 30 years

Like most people who sew I'll take a new project over an alteration or repair anyday, but sometimes it really is worth it.

I have a well loved (and worn) leather jacket, who's lining was very shot.  Having relined a beloved wool coat worn during college a few years post, I knew it was a job I could tackle.

Having a coat relined professionally is cost prohibitive.

Doing it myself it was done in 3 days and the cost was just $10 for a perfect piece of lining.

I carefully removed the old lining:

As you can see it really needed being replaced.  I certainly couldn't take it off in front of a customer anymore.

Used it as a pattern to cut the new lining.  It's not always the recommended way to go, but it worked out fine.
I picked up the lining at Fabrics Garden on 39th .  I usually go there for inexpensive fabrics to use for lining.  A lovely silver twill for $5.00 a yard.

The label and the hang chain were carefully replaced.


My very useful jacket, for the current weather, is now being worn again.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Last Make of Summer

This fabulous dress was made back in August and I'm finally posting now.  The time lag is not representative of my feelings of how it came out.  I think it is one of my most successful executions of idea that I had.

The fabric is a menswear shirting from Mood.  Carefully selected to make sure it was one that doesn't wrinkle very much and is quite easy to iron.

Finished with bias trim made from the same fabric.

A lovely venice lace add a very feminine touch to the menswear fabric.  It also meant that all hems could be machine stitched as they would be covered with the lace.  I did add to the sleeve hem so that the turn up matched the body hem.  It was the perfect depth to place the lace stitching line exactly over the sleeve and hem stitching lines.

The only other alteration made was to petite the shoulder depth.

This will be repeated for next summer as I've already bought a nice poly crepe and instead of the lace trim, I'm planning ruffles.