Sunday, January 11, 2015

We interrupt this sewing

I generally aim to be magnanimous and generally do better at it with sewing than knitting.  Holiday weekends and some days to myself called out for new project.  Especially as the current WIP is a shirt than requires much pattern adjustment and multiple muslins.

I purchased the Kenneth King Jeanius class and have really enjoyed watching it, but realized that none of my jeans really fit well enough to copy.  When you buy $19.50 jeans at Old Navy, you live with waistbands that only look good with shirts worn over them, and hems that are a bit too short cause Old Navy believes that length is proportional to size.  I'm only 5'1" but my small size shrinks too short pretty quickly.

Then Heather Lou (who I met when she was in New York when Lauren was in town) came out with her Ginger Jean pattern.  I figured petite-ing a pattern that everyone is raving would be a better route for me to go.  I'm just using the class for the construction tips.  The how to clone a pattern can always be used for something else another time.

Went to Mood ( please don't hate me too much for living only one subway stop away) and bought a perfect piece of stretch denim.  Put it through the wash three times.

For the last two weekends I've intended to spend an entire day sewing and it just didn't happen.  Today I cut the lining and interfacing pieces and I'm hoping for an all day sew soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting At The Bottom

Way back when I started following blogs one of the first contests I entered was for a Lacey Thong Kit on Melissa's blog and I won.

And soon after my first pair of undies was made:

Then I made use of some very long stashed Liberty print.  The lace was white but I used my Grandmother's method of "beigeing" linens;  dip in tea.

Then on MPB day I treated myself to some stretch silk charmeause. Again I've tea dyed white lace.

I've adjusted the pattern to use the small heights with the mediums widths and love the results.  Have to make more and I've still got a lot from the yard of silk left. I've also start using the picot edge type elastic on the waistband as well as the crotch edges.  It's softer and works well.  I do put the silk ones through the washing machine and hang to dry. They come out ready to wear.