Sunday, July 19, 2015

I bought my fabric at Home Goods....

My habit when getting out of the shower (or very occasional bath) is to wear an absorbent terrycloth robe and only use a towel for my hair.   The one I had had long ago seen its best days as when I took it out to get some basic measurements, I noticed more than one hole and that you could see though the material in many places.

Shopping for a new one I found most robes these days were either made of microfiber fabrics of questionable origin or were way out of the price range I was willing to pay.

Then I started thinking about making one, and then I walked into Home Goods and saw this great set of towels.

Bought the towels on a Monday evening and when I came out of the shower on a Friday morning I had this to use:

I totally winged the construction. I took advantage of all finished edges I could, all other edges were finished with the tank serger. Took a crosswise piece off the end off both bath towels  to give me a  good length.  Then from one bath towel I cut a 3"stipe off lengthwise for the belt and the big piece became the back.  The other bath towel was split in half lengthwise for the two fronts.  From the cutoff ends I cut a piece to lengthen the belt and the two patch pockets.  One hand towel was cut in half for the two sleeves.  I stitched the shoulders seams,  attached the top of the sleeves, stitched the underarm sleeve and body side seams in one pass.  The collar was folded back, stitched and then turned and topstitched.  A stripe of purchased basis tape was stitched at the top neck and then the back of the neck was turned down in a curve.  A loop for hanging on a door hook was attached. and belt loops added/

Flat view:

Closer look:

If anyone is interested in a step by step diagram, let me know and I'll put one together.

Goes real well with the living room chair doesn't it?

A fun project that is getting worn more than anything.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Time to make the Donuts

My niece (and nephew) came for a visit and I took the opportunity to take some measurement and custom make her some leggings.  I have had fun shopping with her for clothes and I've had fun making her clothes, but  this time was really special as we went fabric shopping together!!! Nothing better than that.

I used this tutorial, which I had already made for myself.   It is simple to follow and almost hard to believe that you're actually drafting a pattern yourself.

How fun are these:

The next pair has been requested.  Hamburgers next.