Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Bread Dress

Apologies for the not so clever post title, but it is what the dress has been referred to all along.

Without revealing what kind of work I do, I will admit that this was an occupational related project:

It was worn to The Fancy Food show being held in New York this week.

The pattern was at one time a shift dress from Butterick 5147 an OOP coordinate pattern. Like a game of telephone it is no longer anything like what it started as.

At some point (like when I get someone to take all the photograph's needed, I'll do a post on the 5 previous versions.  I attended a Kenneth D. King fit clinic at Sew Right last year, so the pattern has been adjusted for my short and narrow shoulders.  I had split the pattern at just above the waistline and spread the bottom for gathers and added pockets.  For this version I replaced the gathers with pleats.

Here's an up close picture of the print to see how much it really does look like handcrafted bread:

Just to show that I was not alone in product appropriate attire here I am joined by a bagel dress and ice cream pants:

Now on to version 6; shift version.