Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Once A Year Dress

Very shortly after I decided that I need to judge whether to keep clothes by deciding if I would like to wear them at least once a week, I went and made a dress to wear one day a year.  It was made, and worn last year but it took awhile to get the photos (taken by a friend who is a professional photographer) and it just didn't seem right to post them in the summer.

For the Jewish Holiday Yom Kipper (our day of Atonement) it is customary to wear white and to not wear leather.   So for shoes I wear:

Yes a bit of a fashion faux pas to wear a winter wool dress with summer espadrilles, but I am okay with it.  Reminds me of a college mate in the hey days of preppy fashion who thought espadrilles were okay for formal wear.

It pleases me greatly that I made a dress for a religious holiday from a book called  The Tunic Bible.

The fabric, bought at Mood, is wool crepe, a fabric I love sewing with. The style is relatively casual but I gave it a few couture finishes. Interlined with a lightweight batiste cotton.  Seams were pinked and catch stitched. Lined with Bemberg.  The trim, from Joyce trimming was reasonable priced, but just the look I was going for.

Adjustments made:

Pegged the hem by tapering in 1" on all seams.
A 2" FBA
Lowered the darts after I did the FBA.
Raised the neckline up 1/2"

Adjustments I, surprisingly, did not make:

Narrow shoulder adjustment
Any petite adjustment.

A lot of work went into a dress that won't be worn very much, but I like it a lot and am very happy with it.  I expect to wear it for years.

I'll be wearing it tonight when the holiday starts.


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