Friday, November 11, 2016

About once every 30 years

Like most people who sew I'll take a new project over an alteration or repair anyday, but sometimes it really is worth it.

I have a well loved (and worn) leather jacket, who's lining was very shot.  Having relined a beloved wool coat worn during college a few years post, I knew it was a job I could tackle.

Having a coat relined professionally is cost prohibitive.

Doing it myself it was done in 3 days and the cost was just $10 for a perfect piece of lining.

I carefully removed the old lining:

As you can see it really needed being replaced.  I certainly couldn't take it off in front of a customer anymore.

Used it as a pattern to cut the new lining.  It's not always the recommended way to go, but it worked out fine.
I picked up the lining at Fabrics Garden on 39th .  I usually go there for inexpensive fabrics to use for lining.  A lovely silver twill for $5.00 a yard.

The label and the hang chain were carefully replaced.


My very useful jacket, for the current weather, is now being worn again.


  1. that looks fantastic, probably a bit tedious but so worth it.

  2. Thanks Beth, It really wasn't too bad. Went together pretty easily all things considered. Not perfect by any means, but functional.

  3. I often shy away from doing this, but you make it look worth it.

    1. If the coat is in good shape and gets a lot of wear it certainly is. It went smoothly and I wasn't aiming for perfection, but I didn't blogogize.

  4. Nice! The new lining is even better than the old lining!

    1. Yes, I agree and maybe it will last till the end.