Friday, February 26, 2016

A Nice Warm Skirt

Absolutely lovely, very heavy (as could have been a coat) Navy wool from Metro Textiles bought at #wineandcheesewithkashi.

This is my TNT skirt pattern that Claire helped fit for me. I can no longer locate the Sarah Verblen fitting tutorial I started with.  The same info is in an article in the July 2015 issue of Threads.  They must have taken down the tutorial when the article was published.

The closure is an exposed brass zipper in the back:

Those funny squares showing in the photo do not show in real life.  Navy is just as hard to photograph as black.

When I purchased the fabric, I was told me  to be careful with how I stabilized the waistline  to keep it from stretching, since I wasn't going to put in a waistband.

I decided that I would use Petersham ribbon.  I found this tutorial:

I extended the ribbon and used a hook and bar for the closure.

I am so happy with the fit on this one.  If I make this length again I will extend the kick pleat up higher.  I missed on my length measurements and had to shorten the hem.


  1. Nice!

  2. Love this skirt, Carol! It looks ace on you!

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  4. I have done that with a pleat more times than I like to remember! I am so careful now to measure everything first. I also like a thick wool for cool days and I am impressed with the exposed zip - just makes the skirt look a bit more contemporary.

    1. Knowing I have this to wear is making the thought of winter coming not so bad.