Monday, April 6, 2015


Do you have to do it all?

When I was making my jeans, there were a lot of firsts.  First time working with stretch denim.  First time in years doing visible topstitching. First fly front.  That was enough.  So when it came to the jean button and the rivets I took them to the professional:

Nancy works in the window at Steinlauf and Stoller.  She sets grommets, snaps, rivets and jean buttons all day long and I've know her a very long time.

Many years ago I had a job doing customer service at a very high end sports clothing company.   One of the products was very expensive skiwear and all the snaps had plastic covers with the company logo.  (It was the 80's everything had a logo.)  Of course they were European snaps.  When a snap needed replacing we would take the returned garment to Nancy to be fixed.  She was the only person who could get the cover back on to the new snap.

I was avoiding buying a wire cutter, but I've been told its not necessary.   Maybe next time I'll trying doing it myself, but it was fun visiting an old friend.

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