Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You've got to be kidding me...

I've got a pair of finished jeans.


Petited the length 1" on the front and 1/2" at the center back angling to 1" at the back sides.

Took an 1 1/2 wedge at the in the back waist from the top of the yoke down into the back.  Made a new waistband to fit.

Straightened out the hip curve on the fronts only.  My hips are very curved at the top where they meet my waist and at the bottom where they meet the thighs, but in-between are a lot flatter than this pattern (which is curvier on the front than the back).

Shortened the legs after sewing.

While I was adjusting the waistline, I also opted to interface the waistband with a rather firm interfacing.  I wanted to ensure that the waistline didn't stretch out on me.

For the next pair:

I'll make a back thigh adjustment to get ride of some of the bagginess.  I also hope that the legs won't twist so much on me if I do.  If not the following pair will have to have another adjustment there.

I will have the buttonhole done at  Jonathan Emboiderey.  My Singer attachment did a beautiful buttonhole on my sample, and then chewed it up on the garment.  Not showing the waist unbuttoned as the hand finished buttonhole looks a bit wonky unless buttoned.

There certainly will be more... just need to find more time and get projects finished at quicker pace.

The, half showing, top is a pre-blog vintage Liberty Sorbetto, with pin tucks instead of a center front pleat.

Oh and the title of the post.  My mother's comment when she asked what I was sewing and I said jeans ...


  1. Love the jeans! I can't wait until I'm at that point. I sincerely would love to own a pair of jeans that fit. I am about to embark on the bra-sewing frenzy that seems to be sweeping the sewing world, so jeans will have to wait!

  2. Thanks so much Andrea. I've been thinking about bras, but they'll have to wait.